gm_White_Temple (New inspired art style)

Well, I’m finally done. and I vowed to myself that I would finish this map - and that’s what I did.

gm_white_temple is a small very graphically pleasing map. I decided to finish it when it started to become more of a chore to work on it than fun. So I’ve finished it on a good note :slight_smile:

I hope you all enjoy it, please! let me know what you think!!

This is my first release ever!

Thanks everyone for the support - plan to see more from me in the near future.


*If you have any ideas or would like to reform it for a more practical use - please PM me before doing so, and make sure to give me credit

Looks really good especially with these purple lights

It’s still all dev textures and the lighting still makes it look like piss to me.

Also, most of the structure looks like it’s floating in mid-air.

Hell, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s probably not finished.

EDIT: Granted, it’s cool architecture, but it REALLY needs textures. Like, well-aligned custom textures.

And even if not custom textures, at least just make everything out of white concrete.

It’s just weird looking at all the lines and “REFLECTIVITY 90%” everywhere.

How do you make that little picture for the links with the number of downloads and stuff, the yellow box with the arrow.

where’s the bloody link ?

shit sorry, fixed.

Quite unique, good job :smiley:

Yes, finally released!

Awesome map: Very artistic i love it!
Also you should put this as the download link:

Replace the Dev textures and you’ve got my download.

Any idea on what texture i should use? I really like the style I have - so if you have any ideas for what texture I’d been happy to see what I can do

If you’ll send me the VMF, I’ll do some texture experimenting for you (so you don’t have to lol).

I just remembered, I actually saw a map like this once before. Only difference is, that one was archrape. This one is archsex. Awesome!

Downloaded. It’s very nice. I think the dev textures don’t detract from the map at all. It’s just an experiment.

This is a great example of the state a first map should be in in order to be release worthy, this map is just really awesome. Its great for a first map! Definetly got my download.

Custom marble textures instead of dev textures would make this perfect :slight_smile:

Anyways, this is amazing!

Yeah, something like a beautiful white marble texture would be perfect.

Although personally I’d love to see a more mystical feeling to it with mist everywhere and a more “heavenly” skybox.

Working on a white marble version.


WTF that’s not my avatar!

I’m going to turn the untextured version (probably) - into a TF2 capture the flag map. Yes? No?

Is there actually anything to do in this map? Can you go out into the water or is that skybox?

Unfortunately, the water is skybox.

Fortunately, I don’t think it’d be too hard to change that.

phobic, mind if I do so?

Yes! This would be perfect for that.