V4 RELEASED;13861096;/fileinfo.html

as I promissed:
my custom content


Respawnable plates at undederground entrance

Changing floors in holodome

Npc clip at base

High walkways

Holo in spawn (nice to look at)

Plates, that only work in my map**:

New underground area:

New spawn area:

Holo area with different sky’s:

Water material from gm_construct:

Improved graphics (hdr):

npc nodes:

Holo screens with changing ads* :

*does nobody want his ad there? If you want your ad there just tell me…
removed till someone wants add

**can be found in All/labratory/
I didnt make the spawnlist course it dont puts in the 11 skins.

Eh, different link please…?

The textures look great, altough if that on the picture is EVERYTHING, it is not getting my download.

Looks very interesting and original, great job!

It looks pretty cool from the screenshots, I’m going to go ingame and check it out. I’ll be back with a review.

What do You await from a buildmap?
There Is more than you see on the screen there is a waterside a tower a platform and much freespace.

well FINE then. I liked the map. Alot. You don’t realize how big it is from the screenshots. Map King’d or agree’d, whatever the fuck it is now.

Looks like some sort of training simulation or training room.

Pretty cool looking.

Texture repetitiveness is not nice. Doesn’t matter if the texture itself is nice.

Nice textures

@greasemunky that was my target. maybe i put in some hologram screens. Who want to have his add there? (serious)

@Dclone2 If you look at flatgrass for example, you have repetitiveness, too.
But in my texture you have a good reason for this. Try to textue somthin in this size without recurrences.

I release them after 50 downloads.

here is another texture i was working on… but i think its much to dark.
Shall i make a small area whith this material or somthing? I dont know…



A small outside area accessible by a secret tunnel or something. (Some natural light)

Change water texture to the modified gm_construct water.

Add AI Nodes and a map icon.

A.I nodes would be nice

@Iced: Whats the name of this material?
Ill think about outside area, but i think it has a good chance.

@elitestrider: sorry forgot em. put them in in next version.

here is a logo i made:

atm i have no exact use for it…
a version for prison island.

I added the “outside” area:

do you think it should be different, or do you like my holo outside…
I could even make different sky’s.

That looks fucking awesome IMO.

Texture looks too painted. But the Holodeck looks dang awesome.

does someone have special ideas about the skytexture? atm im thinking about:
night - a simple sky at night.
city - some skyscrapers in the background.
mounains - mountains in the background
a fully blender rendered sky - dont know exactly what i will do.

Is the water texture in V2 the same as V1?

The reason being is that it is incredibly dark once you get into the water making underwater building and sorts, useless.

in v1 it was a texture i made long time ago.
now its “gm_construct/water”.

Can the holographic environments be changed mid-game in v2? And what about a tropical underwater holo-environment since your already thinking about sky/ground level