[tab]Name:[/tab] gm_whostruct

This is a map I made that includes things I’ve wanted to see in a map, hence the name Whostruct (Also because it helps grow my massive ego).

This map includes:

[li]A very large dark room
[li]Seperate forest area
[li]A platform in the sky for making planes
[li]Large Pool for boats and submarines


[tab] Download:[/tab]


Well, here’s my first map release! here for you to call blocky and use a proof as to why I should stop mapping and take up paper folding!

I would really like to hear what you think of this map and if their is anything that needs to be improved on ect. I might look into Lua and making a Spacebuild map next, so any advice would be good!

Its very dark. Also the lights are crammed into the corners with no light sources. It looks very odd.

If your talking about the 3rd picture, those lights arn’t in the map, they just show how big the dark room is.

The second picture doesnt look so bad.