Gm_Winterconstruct map?

I made a post 10 months ago requesting for this map to be on
It’s still not there, so does anyone have the map? I’m sure it’s somewhere in a dusty corner in your GMod folder. Basically, it has a castle in the corner of the map and theres snow everywhere. Yeah.

So, please send me a link or upload it.



Just make one. its really not that hard. Hell i’ve only started mapping a couple months ago and already I’m making a huge map for my clan’s perp server

Yeah sorry, I’m not a mapping expert and not even in a million years I could posibly create a map.

did you request it?
if so, from who?
it could be possible that he/she/they are testing the map by now.

Puff… how hard could it be if its already been 10months? i could decomplie, jump in hammer, fix/switch some textures, throw is some weather effects for falling snow, change light_env… this sounds like it could be done in a day :\ maybe i should give it my two cents lol

and ofcouse add in some displacements for build up of snow… hmmmm… the more i talk the more fun it sounds… #@%&! im tooo busy for this!!! but its sounnnding fun… ughh… im sure someone has a crappy winterconstruct… i’ve seen one before in the past…

well i tryed going all out on it last night and failed with desplacement bugs… so i said to hell with it and uploaded the crappy copy… you can use it… or not… its there and so is the vmf so if you wanna work on it yourself go right ahead… here’s link :stuck_out_tongue:

now note you this is “crap”… its not pro its not nothing… its crap… its a nights work that turned into CRAP and don’t hate for it… i would do better but i am little busy with school and life… blah someone else do this map :\

grrr lol


oh hey look what i found… someone made a snowconstruct waay when bacck you should of looked harder…