Hi there, I am trying to find a map called “Gm_winterconstruct”. But I cannot seem to find it anywhere. It had a castle in the corner of the map and snow everywhere…
I always use that map to film Garry’s Mod videos at christmas every year but I don’t have it anymore. There was a thread with links for the map to download but all of them are removed?

If you can find a link to it or upload it somewhere post below.

Oh, I know what you’re talking about. I’ll take a look around.

EDIT: I haven’t found the map you’re looking for, but if you just type “winter” into the search box in, there are quite a few winter maps that look nice.

dude was this what you were looking for?..

No, I am looking for Gm_Winterconstruct, not snow. But thanks for the help.