[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Gm_Wish_House

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] A run down building in the middle of a forest.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Episode 2, Counter-Strike: Source

Hello all you beautiful people, it’s me, your old friend Mr Sunabouzu. This is a map that I created in my spare time to keep in practice, its a small run-down building in the middle of a spoooooky forest. Also there’s a mill behind it. With gears. I like gears.



So relax, explore, do something! Anything! I won’t judge you!

This map cannot be found on the toybox. Well not one that’s uploaded by me anyways. Please don’t be a tremendous shithead and upload it without my permission.

You are allowed to use the custom models in this map for any purpose. Go ahead. I literally do not give a fuck. Add some gears to your map! Maybe some candles!

Furthermore, you can get the source files right here. It includes qc’s, smd’s, source textures, and the vmf.

Oh my god, that’s creepy.

I love the way you did the outdoors, has this eerie/neglected/exposed look to it. :smile:

EEEPIC! i belive thats the only matching word!
mapping king for you sir!

The outside reminds me of the “Nightmare House Remake” chapter that you can play in “Nightmare House 2.”

Reminds me of a Christmas themed movie I watched some time ago. Looks very awesome.

Holy crap! Awesome dude! Love the creepy outside feeling.

awesome map! I think this could be great for some sort of zombie killing time! :zombie:

Looks damn good

Looks good, but don’t forget cubemaps.

The bike’s reflection in the second picture tell me you forgot to put them in and/or build them.

Toybox update it’s never coming to the toybox. I used l4d2 files in the map and I am not going to circulate them in the toybox.

Instead, i’ve released the source files in case anyone here wants to pick apart the map, steal shit, whatever.

The rar has:

-qcs for the models
-smds for the models
-models source textures

Looks really awesome, got my download