Greetings, I see you entered my lair, now get o-

Just ignore him, Hello and welcome to my map release thread, I usually don’t know where to start with these things so I’ll give it some sort of humour.

First lets start with the basics, this glorious map forged by gods and placed together by the forerunners themselves takes place on Halo 2’s ring world that is programmed to destroy the galaxy, or just lie dormant for several years, I can’t remember but anyway, this map is a remake of Halo 2’s Warlock, which is a remake of Halo 1’s Wizard; Confusing eh? WELL IT DOESN’T END THERE! As I’ve placed one of the most blatantly obvious Easter eggs ever to be conceived on this map and I challenge you to solve it.

And test the map.

And include it in every possible video you can.

And to tell your friends abou- Yeah I’m drifting now aren’t I?

Anyway: Here’s the photos.

Now don’t go running away just yet, I want to thank some people for this:

The Halo Thread in the General game’s discussion: They got me back into my old favorite game

Thanks to Ξ5kЗΞ (FPSB) For the skybox (His name is plastered on the DN skybox anyway)

**Bungie for the OST soundtrack and of course, the game. **

And of course valve and company for the source editors software (Do I really need to say this?)


Now I bet you want the map now don’t you? Well here you go you hungry rats and if you need me I’ll be on Halo:Reach
(If you need an alt download place just PM me)

Oh before I go, you’ll need Counter Strike: Source to see… well everything nearly.

P.P.S Anything that makes me sound like a bigoted fuck was a joke, don’t take it too seriously.

Are you a wizard?

Excellent architecture. It does remind me of Halo.

Useless and pointless… but still have SOMETHING in it, pretty darn good architecture I may say :golfclap:

You’re a gm_wizard, Harry!

Good looking map though.

you have obviously not played halo

-full version released-

Nice, I’m glad you took my request of this yo and some other dudes from the Halo thread.

It looks nice, but I am disappointed by the lack of covering structures. The walls just end flush with each other.

a source remake of forge world would be pretty cool imo

this map is nice too though

I love the architecture. :buddy:

Nice map :).
Well, now I’m thinking at a Halo RP (map) what do you think about this ?

Uploading the new file now.

You’re useless and pointless.
A good architectural map doesn’t need a purpose or a point.

Zappy bro, excellent job. Much better than that dangercanyon shit.

Full version released.

Most pretty maps may be popular with machnema movie makers

very short map but very useful to make art and probably quake 3 deathmatch-style

The walls end way too abruptly. They just…end in a perfect, hard line. The innards look good, but the walls need some work, then the map would be a lot nicer looking. I don’t really like the sunny lighting you gave it but it’s lit properly at least.

Warlock was a big, ruined dome room basically, so a lot of sunlight was blocked by the crumbling architecture, and it was overcast on top of that so the lighting was considerably different. There were even a few interior lights here and there. There’s a total lack of vegetation in your map as well. Ivy would help make this map look fucking awesome.

All in all it’s a pretty accurate remake when you compare layouts and the basic architecture, but it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as it could be. You should take the map a step forward since it’s the Source Engine, which looks better than Halo 2’s crappy engine by far.

Thanks for this C&C, I had recognized half of these points before release but needed to release it before Halo: Reach was otherwise the map would never be finished, I’ll take that into consideration when I get round to making V2, I understand about the interior lights and the lighting but as I said earlier - Time consuming, plus the lighting I chose at the moment suited the skybox.

Also for future reference, this is how C&C should be made (Not my reply nubblecake’s)

Hey, by the way OP, what did you do to achieve the Halo ring in the sky? I saw a map that actually used a large ring around the map in the skybox; is this part of the skybox texture or something?