Gm_Wood_Side_Apartments: More Survival Horror Than You Can Shake A Lead Pipe At

Hello one and all!

What we have here, is a small project I like to call the Wood Side Apartments. Remember those by-gone days of survival horror games, with their charming puzzles and characters that controlled like m1 abrams tanks? Yeah me too! It sucks that there are literally none around these days, some of my best memories were from playing the Silent Hill games at 1 o’clock in the morning back when I was 12. Ahhh, childhood scarring. But I digress.

Wood Side Apartments is a small single player map that re-creates the gameplay of those old Survival Horror titles. Explore an old deserted apartment building and discover what stories the previous residents left behind! Pick up items! Use them! Solve puzzles! Read diaries! Become unsettled by a disturbing scene of a woman who has hanged herself in a shower! The fun will literally never end! (By the way do you know how hard it is to accurately represent suicide physics? Not Very! Computers DO IT FOR YOU!(I think computers are telling us to kill outselves(the more parenthesies you use the harder it is for computers to read your words by the way)))

What else besides interesting gameplay can this map possibly offer? Well here have a features list because I
don’t want to write a paragraph for how we lovingly faked loading screens:

-Puzzles that will require you to actually think!

-An unsettling atmosphere!

-A lighter that replaces the flashlight! Its SO SPOOKY!

-Custom content! Don’t fuck with me, I know how to simulate CLOTH.


I know what you’re thinking, you are saying “Well gee, this sounds dandy but I bet this Reason chap is a jerk
who can’t map to save his life.”

Well shut the fuck up and take another sip, direct your eyeballs at these pixels:

And after staring at that watch this:


Who are these fine men working on this project?

Mr. Sunabouzu (Reason134): Handles the map, all the art assets, and planning.

Unrealomega: Coder. I’m pretty sure he just rolls his face up and down the keyboard, and sometimes computers understand what it means.

Phanterm: He tells me to change dumb ideas I have and really this entire thing would be a mess without his input. He will also beat you up in any fighting game ever.

That lighter looks huge

The lighting could be a lot better IMO

It’s a Ghost Lighter. It can be any size it desires.

It’s not a bug it’s a feature. Right? :slight_smile:

This looks really cool I wish I could come up with stuff like this. I love this kind of stuff.

Actually, this is the “Fixed” version of the lighter. Something was causing the flame particle to freak out, so that would explain why it doesn’t exist.

Or it’s a Haunted Zippo.

That’s pretty neat.
One thing though, add some more custom textures. The hl2 textures, especially in the wall kinda breaks the atmosphere.

That’ll be included in future DLC.

Everything is still under construction, so I am going to be pumping out more content and touching up areas. Because that’s what I am. A machine that makes content. Beep Boop.

Have some dust in the light from those windows and it will look a lot better.



Breaking news: 11.88% of the time playing this map will be loading screens.


This is a mod right? Not a map with custom lua weapons.

Love the loading screen.

Are they fake loading screens? If so, don’t you think that would irritate some? Looking forward to more anyway.

They’re optional. You can disable them with a CVAR


The whole thing started with me just making a practice apartment, then we started having ideas and went whole-hog into a small survival horror thing.

I had an interesting thought, we could give out the code to how the map works once it’s done, and tell people how stuff works so other can make their own levels using this style. We’re still thinking about it though.

They aren’t terribly obtrusive but there is already an option to disable them, so don’t worry!

I’d rather just know how the lighter works.

I already make doors like yours, except Resident Evil style.

Also you still never said if it’s a mod or not. :smith:

The lighter is a SWEP, I made a custom view model in 3ds max, animated it, and threw it in game. The swep just kind of plays animations for taking it out and putting it away, and creates a dynamic light when its active.

Also, this is not a mod. Everything is done either via the map or using lua.

Quick update:

what a pleasant looking apartment block