** New Version**

Being able to remove the flat grass area with the tool gun.
Fixed the problem when objects would go into the ground then fling up.
Added better lighting
Fixed a few minor glitches.

[Release]This map is built for your multilayer. It has a remake of the standard construct map with custom textures as well as a large flat grass map that you can teleport to from the construct map.

What makes the flat grass map different is that the flat grass part can move up and down. It starts of elevated above the water and when you press a button it moves down into the water with just enough flat grass to climb up on.
Before you can press the button again you need to wait 3 minutes for it to reset. I did this to stop midges from spamming the flat grass up and down. [/Release]


-Construct Map
-Flatgrass Map
-Colour room
-3d Skybox

Not Elevated


Absolutely amazing, but what else can we expect from Xhizors.

Could use some smoothing groups

This is actual pretty cool. I’m glad you are using different textured for the grass, the barf grass in normal flatgrasses makes my eyes bleed with its ugliness, but yours is very appealing. Are those textures custom?

Every single texture except one of the brick textures is custom.

That’s cool, we dont see a lot of dedicated mappers like you these days. Bravo!

Also, train map? PLEASE? D:!?!?!?!?!??!?!

meme shit but i’m telling it as it is.

** I came. **

I’m here to post again ^^

Is a decent map, much better than some of the shit on here, but as always theres a few minor things missing.

Interesting map , i am downloading it

Amazing as always, you make the best construction maps! Always have my download.

You could have made struts or something to explain how the grassy platform is lifted. But other than that it looks good. I need to look at getting nicer textures for any maps I might do :v:

The flatgrass part of the map looks like a giant golfing hole… But overall great map you’ve got my download!

Just tested it.

This impossible to play on it lags for me, for no reason.
and you can’t build anything on the moving platform because it goes through it or just spazzes out.

meh map.


it’s just eye candy.

The map is quite poor dude. Visually, it is nothing new and consists entirely of elements from 2 existing maps.
As I said, stop with the construct maps for now.

Is the colo(u)r room the same size as gm_construct one?

You’ve proven you’re the best at construct maps. Make something else.
Also, this map is bland, there isn’t really much to do on it.

oh boy another construct map…