Hey, personally I think this is the best construct map made so far. So i hope you enjoy it. Please comment, rate and watch the video.

-Custom Textures
-Tall skybox
-Inside and outside areas


Youtube Video Coming soon,

I love you Xhizors :love:

That does look pretty damn sweet!

I like that custom runway texture.

These are the only gm_construct-type maps I actually look forward to. Whatever happened to the other map you were gonna make, though? Something city themed, wasn’t it?

Three things I noticed after a couple of minutes.

I thought I fixed that problem. Eeek. If it’s the same for everyone I’ll just release a fix for the pink sqaures. No drama.

Damn, it’s like construct but in 2050 :v:

You definitely got my download, it’s without a doubt going to be my new “default” map (the other one with the mountain quickly stressed my system too much, sadly)

Very very nice, Looking forward to seeing it on the front page.

Theeere we go. Welcome back, Xhizzy.

Its very nice a artisic but, the same old concept is getting old :expressionless:
although the content in the 3dsky is win

The only problem I have with this map, and your construct maps in general, is that there isn’t any height differential. Everything is basically at the same level, and it doesn’t seem like some stuff fits in. Individually, all the pieces of your maps (the construct areas) are fantastic, but I just wish they were put together in more adventurous ways. I just can’t seem to find any rhyme or reason to how the maps are put together. All the pieces are there, but they just don’t make much sense.

Still, good map, and I hope to see more.

Looks awesome, though could use some displacements maybe. I defiantly see this being my default map from now on.

Just noting, I too get missing textures at the base of one of the skyscrapers. And vertex overflows, but other than that, an excellent map!

I LOVE IT!!!. From now on, this is my default map!

Fuck off Old Construct map, and say Hello to the new generation!

Definitely a beautifully executed map. Love the style, and the size! Although I do agree on the height differential bit. That would make it truly amazing.

hmm. what texture is on the bottom of the smaller blue and white skyscraper? because apparently i don’t have it.
Anyways Awesome Map!

I was giving up hope of you ever releasing another map

Im being spammed in console, something about a vertex error and the whole world not being rendered. when I get home I will post the error.

Also why are the pillers at the base in the field nocollided with any prop or entity, but not players?

I have not played it yet but ( DEFAULT MAP )

I love the size the hight of it and all the buildings. You got all the things into one but not just shoved in put into the map in a good way. You have the airport with lots of plane space. You have the docks and buildings around it. You have the tall buildings for parashuting and launching small rc fin planes.

Alltogether I love this map and I think your best yet. Whenever I download something I will just open gmod and without thinking just click on your map to test it on.

Finally a decent map with a proper airport.