Gm_Zombie Build

You may have saw my last thread, but this is different.

I finally got the water to work, it was a leak, but now I’m looking for constructive criticism to make it better.

Its a map devoted to the creation of Zombie-defense forts, based on the book “The Zombie Survival Guide.” A little moat and a bridge, and full but crappily noded.

Any HELPFUL criticism would be nice. It is still a work in progress. Thank you.

There is A LOT of work that needs to be done on this map. First off, the place is floating in mid air, next it is blocky as hell there is just a lot that needs to be done.

This is intended purely as a piece of constructive criticism. I want to make you think

Here goes…


Repeditive textures are a bitch.

Floating brushes are annoying and unatural.

Full bright is eye rape.

Those textures look really bad, I don’t even know what I’m looking at to be honest.

Yes, it is my first map, with about 4-5 hours of work into it, most of it trying to find a leak.

How do I fix the skybox?

It took you that long to find a leak?

map>map properties> skybox name

Add some buildings, some obstacles, make the ground displacements, completely redo the bridge, make the moat thing not perfectly square, add a light_environment.

Can’t say redo the bridge if you can’t see it, the texturing on it is so bad I don’t know what it looks like.
Try to use more than 3 textures. Add foliage, fix the light_environment so it doesn’t look like shit, and find leaks using load pointfile, which I think is under map.

Like what kind of foliage? Are they like static props? I know next to nothing.

Go read some of these.

It may not be detailed… But I could see some fun in this…

Please use zombie spawns instead of making the player actually spawn them themselves.

Whats the name of the zombie spawn entity or whatever it is? And I wasn’t making this to be detailed- its my first map, I’m just trying to get the basics down and have some fun with it.

Keep working on it!

For a first map, it could be a hell of alot worse - but it seems like you’ve picked up a few basics, you can arrange and texture brushes and have some knowledge of entities. Practise, practise and practise. Make more maps like this but don’t release them, you’ll pick up knowledge on the way.

In this case, ways to improve this map:
There’s an entity called light_environment which is intended to simulate actual light instead of illuminating everything in the map as is currently occuring. Place one of them somewhere up in the sky.

The textures on the ground need a bit of work, as it repeats horribly and looks unnatural. Try using different textures and blending. There are plenty of tutorials on this.

The ground is very blocky. Try learning to use displacements to create rugged, more natural looking land. Again, there are plenty of tutorials on how to do this.

But primarily, as I mentioned before, don’t worry about releasing anything. Just keep practising, learning and having fun. After a while you’ll find that the largest problem you’ll encounter is optimization and diagnosing errors but you’ll get a good idea of what looks good and works well.

Thanks, it helped a lot. I think I have a light_env but i’m not sure.


How would I make this look kinda twilighty? I’m trying to give it a scary feel to it. And how would I makethe island round? I tried a cylinder, but it’s octogonal.

Use the clipping tool and cut parts off of the edge of your island, convert it into a displacement and have a play about and try to get it more natural looking.

Needs lights, better textures, more interesting landscape, and (going on what you said) better AI nodes.

and make that moat not completely square.

I clicked the wrong link. :holy:

AHAH you are such a bitch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought it was a while since we’d seen something like this.