Well its finally here Gm_zombie v3, its been about a year and a half since i released the peice of crap rp_zombie and gm_zombiev2 but now i have perfected them more then ever.

You are stranded in a town full with zombie, follow the apartments until you reach the cities outskirts, but grab the guns, you will need it!

Its full of music, action, headcrabs, and canisters galore!

email me at for compliments or complaints.

here is a video if you want to see a sneak peek of the map before you play it

bye have fun gaming LD

Shrimple Dimple. Looks great for SWEP testing… Errr… Download link?

yeah its at the top :slight_smile: its about 1 line below the first sentence, sry ill make it at the very top :smiley:

Great Map! PortalGun really helps you in the forest part.

What the fuck is that car doing on the roof?

That is exactly what I was about to ask. Is this some strange country where they ran out of parking spaces and had to park on the roofs?


well i didn’t really make the map very realistic, seeing how there is zombies in it in the first place.
so i just thought it looked cool when i did it, if you don’t want to play the map because there is a car that gets blown up thats your problem. :smiley:

It’s a bit… blocky.
Also, needs a darker skybox.

Looks very empty. No street or corridor is that pristine. The car models have been spammed without much thought as to why they are the way they are. The lamp posts are too frequent and close together. You also appear to have lots of burning piles of concrete…something that generally concrete does not do.

On the plusses, the map is well lit, and the buildings are alright, but the map on the whole lacks detail.

Its weird… I like it !

thanks, i guess

Where did the model for the streetlights come from? I’ve been learning hammer, and working on a complete overhaul of an existing map for making screen shots, but I haven’t been able to find a streetlight model anywhere in hammer…

type in light in the model browser thing and look carefully at each one :smiley:

Trust me, I’ve tried. That light doesn’t show up in my list. Is there something else I need to change in my hammer config for this model to show up?

Why is this map so laggy?
Right when I spawned I’m getting 20fps. I usually get over 100…

My frame rates so low… can’t play this map.

Seems to be very intense, i like that

you sure? cuz ive sent to many a freind and it works for them, sry bout that man, it is a big map so it might have a little lag, it might have more for others like you. If i ever make a v4, then ill try and optimise it a bit more.
again sry bout that

Just wondering, when you built this, did you use the CS:S game config in hammer?

about 3 months ago, i used the orange box engine, so i used ep2.