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[Release]** Gm_zonstruct**
Zonstruct is my latest construct map that really pushes the source engine to the limits. The map has been created to express something different that you don’t normally see in any normal construct map. It architecture is something not yet seen in construct maps which i pride myself on achieving. Every single texture you see in the map is also custom (except the model textures). These textures are super high res with most of them being 4024x4024 instead of the valve standard of 512x512, this brings more detail to your Garrysmod experience. Along with the textures i have endeavored to optimize the map so lag would not be a problem. I spent countless hours researching and experimenting to get the optimization just right. So I hope you enjoy this map it took me a very long time to get things working and to the satisfaction I wanted. Please give me some feedback on what you think and watch the video. [/Release]
[Release] DOWNLOADS:

HIGH Resolution Version (Texture Res: 4024x4024) TORRENT: File size: 196 MB

LOW Resolution Version (Texture Res: 512x512) File size: 49.78 MB [/Release]

** Difference between Low resolution and High resolution:**

[Release]** Features**
-You don’t need any other games installed or other content to play this map. It’s all packed into the zip for you.
-Custom Textures
-Large Amounts of space
-New architecture
-Indoor and outdoor areas
-Tunnels and underground areas
-Fully working Nodes
-Optimized (lag free)
-3d Skybox [/Release]
[Release] Bugs
-Elevators may play up (if this is happening just keep pressing the button till they work]
-There may be a few clipping errors (small lines that you can see through)
Thats all i know of for now, please post any other bugs. [/Release]


Every Single garrys bombs3 exploding at once in high resolution version (hardly no lag)

Server 1: (thanks to slayer3032)

Mirrors: HIGH Resolution

Mirrors: LOW Resolution

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That looks so amazing!

Never seen a construct map like this, Great job!

Reminds me of crysis for some subtle reason.

So nice.

Artistic x 1

But the water in the first picture looks too dark.

How many construct maps have you played? Haha.

Looks good though, definitely one of the better ones.

Trying to get the file uploaded to Is there a file size limit at

There is a limit, not sure what it is though.

Yeah, what I’m doing is just adding the map to so the file will only be like 20megs. Then ill upload the a texture pack to mega upload.

Excellent, Im looking foward to playing this.

The only thing I would change is the blending between grass and sand in the construct area, it looks kinda unrealistic. Otherwise this map is great.

Bloody is not working at all for me. I cant even upload a 20meg file. Anyone know why?

It does that sometimes, and garry just switched hosts again.
Try Filesmelt, Megaupload, or something else in the meantime.

Looks awesome. download seems kind of big…or is it just me? anyway looks good.

Bulk Custom Textures.

[editline]10:31AM[/editline] still cant upload a 20meg file what is garry doing!

that doesn’t make any fuckin sense. Why post a link to a download to a zip with a txt file with an url to the download? Why not just post the link to the download? Lmao.

Excellent work. That looks really great.

Good map. The dirt and grass textures are pretty small sized though.

From what I understand older pcs won’t even be able to load the 4024 size textures… there was another map that had the problem.
I can load fine though.
I did get a crash noclipping around the mountain and heading back to the map… I slide down part… I don’t remember if I was noclipping around or walking.

Yeah it makes sense everyone is doing it becuase they have no choice. Its the only way to release a map on

I guess its just a little better then construct

I don’t no if your being sarcastic or not… lol