GMA Extractor that works

I made this because I want people to know how easy it is to create a batch file to fix the exe not working. so here you go hope you like it.

The zip file link:

Antivirus scan:

The batch file will only work with this gmad.exe not any others.


Uh, workshop addons are encrypted in GMA for numerous reasons, especially to prevent plagiarism

Why would I want to extract files from a GMA anyways?

Complain to Garry for having that feature in GMad (no, not GMod. GMad) then.

Errr, I used the ancient one it’s first release only yesterday.

Why wouldn’t it work?

To mod it so it works on a server with a specific gamemode. To get a entity name. Learn from the code?

Check lua for anything evil, run the code as an addon that the author cannot update?

I myself like to extract files into legacy addons to make sure I have them in case they’re deleted from the Workshop.

Many people uploading addons etc. to workshop, have started putting a download link to the legay addon.

Gmad works fine idiot.

You don’t need to make your own extractor.

For me, to fix typos that are unlikely to be repaired anytime soon.