GMA file without addon.json

Many open source code addons such as gmod stranded, darkrp, and cinema don’t have a file named addon.json, which is essential to compiling with GMAD. How do they make it into a GMA file without the addon.json?

They make an addon.json, which is not put into the .gma.

The addon.json it’s for making the info.txt, but IDK why Garry wanted it to make it like that
If I’m wrong, please tell me

info.txt is nothing to do with this.
info.txt and addon.txt are no longer used in GMod for like a year or something.

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addon.json is only needed to make the .gma

But looking at DarkRP’s source code, you can see that there is no addon.json and yet it’s somehow being compiled.

The closest thing to the addon.json is the darkrp.txt.

Now let’s assume that they magically put the addon.json in before gmad.exe and remove it before commit, gmad.exe will error saying that many files (including darkrp.txt) is invalid.

You don’t need an addon.json in a legacy addon. He uses a gma with addon.json when he publishes it to the workshop. Why are you so skeptical?

What are you trying to achieve here? What’s your point? What do you want to know?

You can’t make a .gma file without addon.json with gmad.exe. FACT. There’s no way around it.
DarkRP either uses its own .gma creator ( gmosh ) and/or the addon.json is not in the repo because the repo does not follow addon format as it should, which is also why you get errors.

You shouldn’t even be trying to reupload DarkRP to workshop, it’s already there by its author.

When you compile an addon with the addon.json, it doesn’t compile on the .gma, it’s only used yo take info

I’m using DarkRP as an example. I see similar patterns in Cinema and Garry’s Mod Stranded. Why do they decide to not use the already-existing gmad.exe and decide to install gmosh to compile into a .gma

We do use gmad.exe ( I do with stranded ), addon.json IS ***NOT ***ADDED TO THE .GMA, IT IS STORED IN THE HEADER OF THE GMA, NOT IN THE FILE LIST.

Is that more clear?

Not quite.

I know that the addon.json isn’t added to the file list, but when gmad.exe is compiled, according to the wiki, most txt files, in this case, the darkrp.txt, are restricted for use. How do you compile the addons to make the .gma file in this case?

And in your previous post,

Two more questions:
What is the “proper” format for the addons?
Why does the creator of the addon not follow this proper format?

Most files that are actually usable by Garry’s Mod are allowed in Workshop Addons, with exception of spawnlists, presets, anything in data/ folder.

You can find proper addon format/layout in the link you posted.
Assuming you are talking about DarkRP, the GitHub repository only includes the addon, not the whole addon uploaded to the Workshop.


addon is what you supply to gmad.exe.
darkrp is what the GitHub repo has.

The .txt file in DarkRP is required by the game to exist for the gamemode to work, so obviously it is allowed in workshop addons.

So now, the addon folder should most likely contain the addon.json, and the gmod.exe should properly produce the .gma file.

Now the gmpublish.exe publishes it, and now it’s on the Steam Workshop. When the user wants to download the new uploaded addon, they will download the new .gma file into the addons/ folder.

If I’m wrong, correct me. If not, thank you.

You are indeed correct.

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