GMac and YOU

So how does one put a game on another system? How does this affect GMod for the Windows AND mac users?

Mac binaries. The only difference is that more people will be able to play GMod. Us Windows users will undoubtably fight with Mac users for a few months.

I want a Mac. GMac sounds much more fun than GMod.

So how would mac users get these binaries, and Windows users do not? Um…how can they work together…how to say it. WHY WOULDN’T THEY CONFLICT? …Does that work?

No, The Mac version uses the Mac files and the Windows version uses the Windows files

Okay…okay… So this update I got, that is Gmac? And now they will know which files to use? Well, I guess if a computer doesn’t know what something is, it just ignores it.

Steam only sends mac files to macs.


Hey it’s out now go download it

I could not care less about Gmac.



here want a box

As ironic as it is (asking a Gmac question and not caring about it), I had a question, and it needed to be answered.

Fixed, even the TF2 buds blew over quick

I just witnessed the first wave of Macs… It wasn’t pretty.

I was playing on the LlamaLord Base War server, and we were trying to remember the console commands on how to spawn props from prop-path (prop menu is broken), and while we were doing so a huge amount of players joined. We didn’t figure much on it considering it was the beginning of East Cost players joining. But something wasn’t right… They were all Kliener models. They asked how do they build stuff, and how to get guns. We told them how the q menu was broken, and that were trying to find the toolgun/prop spawn console commands, and then one of them had to say, “figures… shitty pc fag game” you don’t even want to know how quick we all snapped. At first we said, “So you’re a MacFag?” and the kid went all silent for about twenty seconds, and said, “What is that suppose to mean?” we just basically said, “Well… We’re PC Fags so that makes you a Mac Fag, correct?” he went bizzarke saying we’re just idiot pc players, and that we don’t have any good games like mac does, and rage quit. We all looked at each other oddly, and asked if that just happened, but we shrugged it off with a laugh or two.

The next influx we got was similar players but in a much bigger quanity, and long behold that same asshole came back on. I simply asked over mic, “Oh so you brought your multi-computer party?” they all said lol before taking out guns, and began open firing at us saying that Mac was the god of gaming. We all reacted rather quickly, and began buying guns, and dispensers on the roofs of buildings, and began killing them. We did hold them off for about… One hour? They then left saying that they’ll be back. We really began laughing at this point. We all stated, “ohhh with what? you gonna bring your tripod next time you little mingebag?” and just laughed away at it. We then began building bases with our now founed model paths, and just chilled for a little bit in some small cut of sections of the map.

After about… Ten minutes? We were all pretty happy till we all heard a “BZZZZZ” noise which is commonly associated with blow torches. We ran over to our walls to find atleast 3-5 klieners with blow torches trying to destroy our walls. We began killing them, and they just kept coming back! We have no fucking clue when they got on (farming money pritners), and we were sitting their just open firing on whatever came into our line of site which didn’t have any player model other then kleiner.

Too be quiet honest… My heart is still thumping. The server crashed after the blowtorch/prop spam, and I ended up asking, "Is this marking the beginning of some mass hatred between the macs, and pcs? "

Ah, trolls.

dude that sound epic wish I was there for that

They weren’t mac users. Just people taking the rip.


Most people new to Mac Garry’s Mod won’t have addons, because they are new.

I have been trying to stay out of this, but after reading Joe’s story I snapped! I try not to diss the Mac too much, knowing some of the history and previous relations with Windows and Mac etc., but this is TOO MUCH! It’s normal to be proudd of being a user of a certain company, it’s normal being a fanboy, it’s normal to defend against anyone dissing you or the product you use and are happy with, BUT dissing for no reason the users that play on the PC, for which the game was originaly developed! That is beyond the line! They not only crossed it, they set a new line, crossed it again, set it on fire and danced on it’s ashes! Seriously! Those macges (mac minges) should learn some history. And to all the trololol-macges reading this. Tell me. If we suck so much then why is there now an option to have Windows and Windows shit on your Mac? I thouhg we sucked? Why is it that PCs can give ya the same performance even more for half the price that a Mac would? Oh and by the way. If any of you know some Mac-Windows relation history and are hating on Windows for it, then consider this - by saying that ALL PC users and PC related things suck you are saying that also Linux sucks… Are you really ready to make that accusation? And trust me, I ain’t no Linux fanboy! (no fanboy of anything really!.. except maybe minecraft! :P)
So all you macminges!
Stop being jelaous and raging bout bullcrap and settle shit DOWN!.. or else you are fighting a loosing battle!
And just for the fun factor:

Mac is ran on a very much modified linux(openBSD) kernel. basically anything on linux can be run on a mac. this saying, means that mac users who think of linux as shit they think of mac as shit.