Gmac forum section

I think it would be great to have a forum section dedicated to gmac. Although there are mostly compatible, there are differences between the mac and windows versions of garrysmod. From where to install addons to the creation of dlls and such. So having most mac related issues localized in one section could help those mac users solve their problems and make contributions in a more organized way… even a forum icon for mac would be nice.

Why ? We only rarely get mac related question anyway ?

Yeah, sort of the wrong section since it’s not about lua, but true, I haven’t seen any mac related questions too much either.

Would that perhaps be because every time someone mentions that they’re on a mac they get trolled to hell?

Gmac came out only like 2 weeks ago. That could explain why there are no so many questions at the moment. Steam has a dedicated mac tab. Why not have a dedicated gmac section? So the people that are using it have a place where they can find their answers easily and share they thoughts with other gmac users. It is a different platform and most software has separate support forums for their different platforms.