GMac HTML-related Multiplayer Crashing

I figured I’d make a thread about this so that I don’t have to keep posting information in random places.

Ever since update 102 or 103, I and other GMac players have been having issues with Multiplayer crashes. I’m able to join a server- everything goes normally, and I spawn in the server and hear people talking / see them walking around. After a few seconds, though, the game hangs then crashes, always with the same sorts of errors in the crashlog (replicated at the end of this post).

From checking out the log and testing, it seems that these crashes are related to GMac’s handling of HTML, and that these crashes can be reliably provoked by attempting to load any form of HTML in-game- MotDs, some addon ‘credits’ screens, manuals, etc. Until an update to fix this is released or a workaround is found, server administrators can likely allow GMac players to connect by disabling any HTML in any plugins they’ve added.

Link to the crashlog snippet:

email garry… and Read once and a while

I have both emailed Garry at with the complete crashlog as well as read the newsposts at You’ll find me active in the comments section for the last few posts describing this exact problem.


None that I know of. There’s a console command to disable HTML MotDs, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect (or at least, it did nothing with the servers I tried it on). As far as I know, the only way this is going to get fixed is if Garry releases a patch.


Excellent! It sucks being restricted from so many servers.


Indeed it has, as of update 106. Moderators, please feel free to close/move this thread.