GMAC not working

I might be terribly late, as I just got back to playing GMAC
(Not Gmod 13) but I cannot run it. Is this due to the fact gmod 13 is out now ?
Or is it just something Garry needs to fix ?
Please help, for the love of Garry’s Mod Mac<3
-I have reinstalled gmod and deleted all its content twice now.

I have never heard of said gmac, all though I don’t have a mac computer. I wish I could help you more, but if it isn’t gmod13, I can pretty much tell you it isn’t supported anymore from a development standard (i.e Garry). More info on the crash would be nice, although like I said I’m not so familiar with mac related crashes.

It says failed to load library client or something like that.

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Gmac is just regular garrys mod but for the mac obviously.

I think he means gmod 13 for mac on steam because I have a mac and its never been called Gmac they are the same thing.

Gmod, just regular Garry’s Mod for the mac. I don’t have Gmod 13, sorry for not bieng specific :L