Gmac released on steam


useless thread

cool beans bro

am i allowed to say shit thread?

Yeah, yes you can.

Anyways, on the subject of GMac, I am stunned it isn’t even in the featured mac games section of the front page. No “STEAM UPDATE NEWS!!! GMAC IS OUT!!!”


Poop, just saw it on the scrolling announcement thing. Rate me any sort of bad ratings.

Anyone here have ANY idea of how to use the RP menus (eg, F1, F4) on a mac? Can I bind them to another key?

Just hold fn while pressing them, that works.

Yeah and if you don’t feed like holding fn, go to System Preferences, Keyboard, then check the box next to “Use all F keys as standard function keys.”

Thanks Guys :slight_smile:
My first post on this forum. And the answers was really quick and helpful.

My tip: Don’t get used to it :wink:

Quick advice:

“And the answers was…” doesn’t agree in number. “answers” is plural but “was” is singular. You’re speaking about two answers, so make it “And the answers were…” Also, that’s a fragment.


Hehee, well, I at first made a larger grammar mistake and forgot to correct that part. Thanks ;D