Gmad create

Hello I have a servercontent pack im trying to turn into a gma. The addon works perfect as a legacy addon, It does work in singleplayer. My addon.json seems to be fine but ill post it below.

{    "title"        :    "voidcontent",
    "type"        :    "servercontent",
    "tags"        :    [ "fun" ],
    "ignore"    :       ["*.qc","*.dmx","*.txt"]  

The command I use to try to create the gma is "gmad.exe create -folder “c:\stuff\void_content” -out “c:\stuff\voidcontent.gma”.

It tells me im “missing -out (the filename of the target gma)” .

I have used proper addon filing so I dont understand what im doing wrong?


Anyone ?

Capitalize C:\

I had the same problem. If you didn’t already figure it out, you just have to leave off the “” after the folder name. So it should look like this: "gmad.exe create -folder “c:\stuff\void_content” -out “c:\stuff\voidcontent.gma”