Gmad doesnt open

It opens for half a second and then closes.

If it is the gma extractor; shift right click a .gma file > Open With > Find the gmadconv.exe

Now, any time you double-click a .gma it’ll extract it to the current directory. It is very useful if you want to run m9k, or other packs for just the models and exclude the Lua files.

I think he’s trying to run GMad, as in like, open the program itself.

GMad is a command line interpreter thing (i don’t know the word for it). You’ll need to make a batch file to properly run it. Look at Garry’s Example. Heres what I use:

To Extract:

gmad.exe extract -file "filepathhere"

To Pack:

gmad.exe create -folder "folderyouwantopack" -out "fullpath+name.gma"

Save them as unpack.bat and pack.bat, respectively.

Or consider using one of the alternatives that have been posted in “Gamemode & Addon Releases”.

idk what you’re using, but I’ve always used the GUI version of gmad found here:

With that, you just extract it anywhere you want and run the .exe and it should load.

@ OP, are you on xp by chance?