gmad.exe error [not allowed by whitelist] on .lua files

im trying to make a .gma file with gmad.exe (ive done it once before) but this time i got this error
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\bin\gmad.exe create -fol
der C:\Users\Ryan\Desktop\ben\LUA\ -out C:\Users\Ryan\Desktop\ben\LUA\ben.gma
Garry’s Addon Creator 1.0
Looking in folder “C:/Users/Ryan/Desktop/ben/LUA/”
[Not allowed by whitelist]
[Not allowed by whitelist]
[Not allowed by whitelist]
File list verification failed

does anyone know why my .lua files arent “allowed” ive been killin myself trying to make this entity and actually had it working once(without sound) and without thinking i deleted the one that DID work and am now left with this… why is this error coming up? im fairly sure that gmad doesnt read your .lua for errors so what could be causing this?

Your upload has to mimic the root gmod directory, so you can’t just lua files without any structure. Try doing only desktop\ben instead of desktop\ben\lua.

awesome, thank you! damn i feel dumb now. that worked perfectly. i actually understand now…

Rename them. Yeah, I know it sucks, but it’s the easiest way.

i actually didnt have to. there were other errors i had and once i cleared them it saved it as a .gma even with the capital letters. thanks though!

Oh, I guessed they fixed that in the last update.

that makes this so much easier…