Gmad.exe List verification failed (while trying to convert to GMA)

Ok so i am trying to make a .gma of models, sounds, etc. for my darkrp server. Whenever i drag the folder onto gmad.exe it looks like it is going correctly but then for some reason for some of the files it says “file contains captial letters” or something like that, then at the end it says list verification failed and it closes. Here are the pics of the addon folder;

Help greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance.

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if the image doesnt show up right click on it and click open in new tab

Can you lowercase all folders and files, and post a picture of what GMad says?

Gmad closes immediatly, how do i post a pic of it?

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I have ALOT of files… like a few gigabytes of files incl. models etc… is there any automatic way to do it?

There are file scripts you can write to do it, but you shouldn’t have that much content anyway – it won’t get past workshop size restrictions. Also, put “pause” at the end of your GMad bat script to stop it from closing.

I dont use a gmad bat script, i simply drag’n drop onto gmad.exe in my bin folder. could you send me a batch file? ill put the location myself.

I’m on my phone at the moment, but you can write one yourself with these instructions:

Also what is the max size of the workshop restriction? my file is around 4GB.

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my hosting has FastDL, silly me.
/close thread.