gmad.exe opens for half a second then closes.

gmad.exe opens for half a second then closes. How do I fix this?

Does it create a .gma file? Also make sure you are opt into Dev mode. Right click on Gmod in Steam and select the Betas tab and on the drop down menu select Dev mode.

gmad.exe is a command-line program. To use it, open the command prompt (type “cmd” in the search programs bar), chdir to the folder of the .exe and then run the commands as this thread tells you to.

No and no, I will go into dev mode.

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This should work, I will report back, I think it will so so far, thanks!

I have a GUI version of GMad, it’s super easy to use. I have no idea where I got it, although it still works perfectly and I use it almost everyday. I could post a link if you want it.

Thanks man, but I’m good, just wanted to see because I forgot to put the command line in the CMD for gmad, got it working but thanks!