Gmad.exe Whitelist Error (.png files not allowed by Whitelist)

So I made a map icon pack for Garry’s Mod with a bunch of TTT icons since it really hasn’t been focused on enough in the workshop as far as TTT maps go I thought it would be nice to make an addon for it. I set up the folder structure and set up the addon.json and in the end Gmad gave me the whitelist error.

My current folder structure is:


I’ve scoured the internet looking for a fix and it seems that people were mainly having problems with their structure setup which I don’t believe is the problem here. I did however find one webpage which seemed to discuss my problem yet the fix didn’t work:

I tried to reformat it so a “thumb” folder was located in the maps folder with all the icons in there and in the end Gmad successfully made the .gma yet ingame the icons didn’t show up.

I’ve been tearing my hair out over the last couple of days trying to fix this and I would appreciate it if you guys could help me tackle this problem.

The link you posted has answer to your question - you put the file into incorrect place.

You’re supposed to put it into maps/thumb/MAPNAME.png

I tried that and it didn’t show ingame, I had it set up that exact way. Does the tag in the addon.json matter, currently it is set to map but would it affect it differently if I put in gamemode?

No, tags do not affect this, and it most definitely works if done properly.

Is it possible that this will be changed in the future because from my point of view I don’t see anything wrong with the way it was before but I’m guessing there was a good reason for it being changed. If I send you the .gma through a PM can you trouble shoot my problem that way?

Are you testing a .gma? Random .gmas don’t load from addons folder. They only load from any folder inside the addons folder or from the root folder of the game ( Where the addons folder is )

Yeaaa that would have been cool to know awhile back, thanks man for the help even if it was a simple fix! One last question, now that this works in a separate folder will it work when I upload it and someone downloads it on the workshop?

Obviously it will work.

You’ve been a great help to me, once again thank you. If anyone is interested it’s now on the workshop as a live item so if you wanted to see the final product here is the link!