GMad Extractor Updater/Downloader

GMad Extractor Updater/Downloader:
This is a simple program that will update/download the MulleDK13 GMad Extractor to the current folder.

It’s made in C#

This was a half-hour project, so if you have any suggestions to make it better, please, post them(your comments too!)


  • Download if you don’t have it
  • Update already existing files

How it works:

  • Gets the download link from the official website
  • Downloads the zip to a temporary file in %TEMP%
  • Extracts the file to a temporary folder and gets the files names
  • Deletes the existing GMad Extractor files from the current directory(if any exists)
  • Extract the files from the zip to the current directory
  • Deletes the temporary files created
  • The End

Download link:

if you don’t want to download my program, you can simply download the extractor from the official website:

(Well guys, I’m sorry, but I didn’t found any other place to post this, so I posted it here.)

Couldn’t you just link to the actual program itself?

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I’m really confused as to what this is useful for, it just downloads

This updates it on an easier way, since you dont need to access the website, and extract the addon.
With this you only need to run the program.

As i said, this was a half-hour program, and i made it because I’m lazy to get on the website every time to upload the extractor, maybe i add an check version feature, so it only uploads when there’s a new version…

I’ve had GMAD extractor for quite some time now, so this isn’t the original release.


Proves you wrong.

does too(if you download the zip file will have that .txt)

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And I’m trying to contact him on steam to ask if he could add this on the next releases(without the screens, credits messages and etc, of course)