gmad problem - need help

Hey guys, I want to make a little addon and upload it to the workshop. But everytime i want to compress the addon this happens:

Can someone help me?

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It gives you the error right there…
You don’t have the gma name.
create -folder “path” -out “path/name.gma”

do i have to create the .gma? Or will the .gma file be created if I start it?

The program you’re using (GMAD) is what creates the GMA which later you upload to the workshop using GMPublish.

(pathhere)\gmad.exe create -folder “D:\Users\Timm\Desktop
eu\addon” -out “D:\Users\Timm\Desktop

Use this.

@core_gs: still having these problems with the “-out”

You need to change the path to suit your PC…

And how can i do that?

You put in where you want to save the gma, INCLUDING the gma name and extension, eg “C:/myaddon.gma”