GmadExtractor SLIM

**What is it:
**A simple .gma files extractor that can be associated to the files(Open with… + “Use as default program for this type of file”), so you only need to double-click them!

**What it does:
**Extracts the .gma file to a folder on the same directory.


**Me(for making the program)
MulleDK19(for making the original one and the Morten.Gmod.dll used on this program)
Anyone else that assisted MulleDK19

PS: Yes, I’m aware that this isn’t the original Gmad Extractor.

Great! Does it support more than one gma at a time?

Yes, it does(but you’ll have alot of black windows on your screen)

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With the last update no more black screens will show up.

Compile it as a windows application if you don’t want the command prompt to show up.

Compiled as windows application(no more black windows popping up)
Download link updated on the original post.

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Thanks, no more windows popping up now!