Gman and a bunch of gmod characters ( Gmod backround attempt)

Well seeing as has noone really replied to this in the backround thread i decided to make a thread because i want to hear peoples opinions.

There is not really any editing done and this is like my… tenth pose i think :stuck_out_tongue:
I think i like the first one better because the second i had the lights too bright and it revealed the ceiling and part of the wall.


gman is hard to facepose, he WONT smile.

The competition is closed, you do know that right?

Yea i know

well, i think a brightness inbetween the 2 you posted would be best, first too dark, second to bright.

I swear I already saw something like this before here…

Any other comments on like the posing or anything?

(Want to know how crappy/good of a poser i am :P)

I’ll work on the lighting a bit


Just realized that louis’s arm is clipping a bit :frowning:

I like it, but the light showing the floor ruins it, you might want to photoshop/gimp it.

It’s alright.