Gman Borat

Here is my new video. My first machinima in the comedy genre. Doctor Breen coaches Gman Borat on American humor. Hope you like it.

Gman Borat skin = amazing.

That was hilarious.

That’s no fair

Not the video

My SDK doesn’t work and I want 2 do stuff like that now!

Help Me Fix It!

That was pure awesome. Remake whole movie and make DVDs? “Gmod Borat”

Back on topic, it was so funny, all of it was timed perfectly and the hand motions make it even better… not to mention the nice borat skin.

Lol, great work!

Great faceposing ;D

Face poser is picky as hell, it only works only 1/3 of resolutions, so just try changing your screen size to get it to work.

Nice video.

That was kickass =D

This movie fails…


This sucks


Gman Borat skin = win. Nice work with SDK Faceposer too :excited:

I like! Great for a first try!

Yeah it’s excellent! Well done.

Brilliant! :smiley:

I’ve gotta learn how to use Faceposer on the SDK. :confused:

That was freaking amazing! Good Job!

Haha That Is Aweusme! Nice Work!

Haha That Is Aweusme! Nice Work!

No i mean it doesn’t even work

when i start it it says “line 4 is incomplete”

Should be better


:v: best video i have seen to this date make more :smiley:
you win with the borat gman skin :v: and the not thing from the movie.
as i said before make more of this stuff.