Gman face invasion

I have a good computer that runs gmod at about 50-60 frames even during nuke explosions, however today I started gmod and right when hugeflat construct loaded the game made weird noises then GMAN’S face all stretched out appeared on the screen and scared the shit out of me. I have never had ANY problem’s with this game (mod) before and I did not install any new addons or anything so this is very strange.

I don’t have it nor do I know that this fix works, but if it doesn’t delete your cache and lua folders

backup any custom shit you might want to keep in your lua folders

Thanks I will post results.


Search found no results and I could not find anything like that manually either, This is starting to bug me

I’ve had this “bug” 2 times this morning, I jumped aswell lol. I’ll look for the “virus” thingy ASAP.

I think this chrisater guy has something to do with it. When i searched for the virus thing I didnt find it. Instead i found 59 folders called chrisater’s E Penis is XXXXXXXXXXX long.rar

Someone framed him

So… Any fixes on this yet? Since I can’t find any of the “virus” files, I just deleted my lua en cache files for the heck of it. We’ll see how that turns out.

This is happening to me too, and I couldn’t find any of those virus folders. God it’s annoying…

Man, I deleted both my cache files en lua folders, and it still popped up.

Look in your startup folder for a .bat file.

What kind of .bat file? How is it called?

theres no bat file, don’t worry