Gman Fixes His Car

This sequence was originally going to be part of a tutorial on vehicles in Garry’s Mod which I lost interest in before it was finished. The footage is nearly a year old but I couldn’t let it go to waste as it’s actually got some good stuff in it.

Thanks to:
Nathan Winger
Jeff Eastman

This film signals the end of my ‘low budget’ machinima, from now on I will be using faceposer and better editing/effects in my future films. In the coming days and weeks I will be posting new test footage for my upcoming short: ‘The Day The World Went Wrong’. Perhaps one day I will make a new and much better vehicle tutorial but I want to get on with my bigger projects first.

You almost killed DMGaina…

I lol’ed. Have a artistic.

hey, you finally released it. Was totally worth the wait.

Is that cityx?

And that was great, very funny.

Holy Shit.

That was great. :v:

You showed me this… ages ago.

This was rather good. Some solid editing and cam angles there. Text book example on how it is done. Have a palette.

I think this video is from 2008, but it’s still awesome!

That was awesome. The way the vehicles were going looked really well and that scene with the exploding truck was just incredibly well done.

Fantastic! Gmod machinima’s need more Car chases and explosions!

It’s great! Your car scenes are the best!

This was surprisingly good. Very entertaining stuff.

Limitations bring creativity :eng101:

Rated Artistic!

Thanks for the support everyone, I really appreciate it.

For ‘The Day The World Went Wrong’ there will also be a car chase , it won’t be quite as crazy and explosive as this one but will be far more tense and exiting I hope. I will probably be posting some test shots of driving sequences from the film once my Dodge Charger model is done.

Yes, it does have one small modification however. I changed the name of the .bsp file to reset the cubemaps as the default ones we far too bright and made the shelby look grey and featureless.

Reminds me of a show from the 80’s with the cheap handbrake smoke, artistic+.

i liked it

That was absolutely brilliant. It has been a while since we have seen any videos like this around here.

Holy shit that was epic.

That reminds me how easy contraptions were make before gmod 10.