Gman Fixes His Car

I’m impress-ed

Fawesome. Have lots of wood!!!

Loved it. I can tell you really went that extra step for the effort. The framerate was steady, there weren’t any UI issues. Great, in that area.

My only complaint was that during the driving scene, the cinematography was a bit dry. Although it was good, I think that maybe it could have used a little bit of ‘spicing up’. Like I say in a LOT of threads, maybe use Cinematic Camera or Moving Camera. If you’ve seen recent movies such as Need for Speed Tokyo Drift, you’ll see that lots of the time they add a post-processing shake and small blur to the driving sequences. Maybe this could be a great touch to the film.

I’m not saying you HAVE to do it to make it look good, whichever filming style suits you (I prefer shakier, grittier camera styles) I just think that maybe it would give it that extra touch of ‘badass’.

I am totally behind you on this and I completely understand the angle you’re coming from, this is the sort of style I’m planning to go for in my next film since it has a much more serious atmosphere and I agree that the shaky camera accentuates tense and exciting moments in a film. This film isn’t really very atmospheric so I felt that putting too much effort into overly dramatic camera angles and movements would have made it look like it was taking itself too seriously. Plus at the time I was having trouble getting the moving cameras to match speeds with the cars, this shouldn’t be so much of a problem for me this time.

Great, awesome you understood what I was saying. I also realize your pain on matching the speeds with the cars >< I am filming some car scenes as well for a new film, and I have had so many issues with this, as you have to keep going back and changing the speeds.

Anyways, good luck on your film. No matter what anyone says, shaky cam (if used correctly) is ALWAYS good, just as long as it’s subtle enough so it’s not like “OMFG EXTREME”. Watch “The Strangers” and you’ll know what I mean.

Wow, good stuff.

Wow, reminds me of Burnout!

One of my favourite game series ever.

I knew it :stuck_out_tongue:

And, it’s my favourite racing game series ever.

The sound for the Shelby here is actually from the Carson Annihilator from Burnout Paradise.

Now… thats awesome!

Explosions were sexy.

The video was amazing. The only bad thing about it was the non talking screen shots for the talking parts, but that still only takes a very small amount of awesomeness out of the awesome video.

The explosions and stunts were top notch!

Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore because I’m currently learning faceposer, hopefully I should have a test shot out in a day or two.

The cop shooting the mini and the mini crashing into a tanker was hilarious and I don’t know why.

because it was so awesome and seemingly impossible in gmod