gman hev

this body whit g man head and the briefcase

cman ssg do a corpse hev gman hev is awasome


I’ll do it for $10.

you are crazy

Hey, it’s one way on getting your model made guaranteed.

Not guaranteed. We all know he’s gonna just take the money, flame redman23, and not even start on the model. It’s kinda obvious facepunch is getting so full of newbies to anything virtual, and full of people who don’t give a shit about anything and are just here to troll or post porn.

Redman, if I were you I’d just quit. Give up, nobody’s gonna do any requests anymore. They’ll either flame you or just ignore you all together. (The silent killer)

At least learn to spell my name right.
No, learn to spell in general.

If you do, I might consider doing it.

you know, i actualy agree



also, i would wanna see this too

but im kinda afriad all the “Gmanz iz gordin froz the futurz” nuts might do soething to support there theory

and yes, i know its spelled “gordon”

I’ve always wondered why the requests board exists. Except for a few rare cases, most requests are ignored while modellers go ahead and do their own thing. And then there are the requests that are just unfeasible.

Well SGG is reviving this section of FP. Big thanks to him ^^

And some random modellers come here sometimes. People just don’t notice the threads as they die after they have posted their progress, released it and then got their huge thanks from the requester. But really, someone telling you “YOURE AWSUM MAN” is a rather good prize.