Gman in "The Sound of Silence

Whew… Finished faceposing the rest of the song. Now i just need to film some scenes of rebels dying etc to make the video more interesting. Enjoy!!!

Due to technical issues, I can’t do anything else with the video.

Nice work, has a lot of potential to become a full music video.

Wow, very nice…

Thanks for all the kind comments! Any feedback would be appreciated

Beautifull ;_;

This is the first time I’ve seen GMan have a softer side and not look totally creepy. haha

Good song and face posing!

How exactly did you do moving faceposer? o.O I’m not too experienced…

He wasn’t using the garrysmod faceposer. He was using faceposer. A tool that comes with SourceSDK.

What Comrade said. I mainly followed this tutorial and any others made by him.

Can we get more good music videos like this plz.

Btw you should chage it up and make so he is not just standing there the whole time, good video.

I mainly just posted this video to see whether or not people liked it or not. It is currently a work in progress and I plan to finish it… just not now lol. Left 4 Dead 2 is absorbing any time that would have otherwise been put into finishing the video.

Once again, thanks for all the kind replies.

Ohhh okay! Wow, thank you guys so much. I was wondering… haha

Again, great video. Can’t waiiit to see the finished product. After L4D 2 of course :wink: haha

I can’t watch it because of copyright restrictions :<

OMG, did you make this? It’s so awesome

Sadly, I had to reformat my computer and I lost all my files on this project. I don’t think that im willing to start from scratch so this is, while not what I had in my mind, is the final product.

Damn that sucks :frowning:


And just curious but did you automate most of that (using window’s XP) or do everything word by word, syllable by syllable

you can take the clip you have, and film some fighting ,or a war, and then montage it…

Syllable by syllable :(. It took forever and I really don’t want to do it over again.

I COULD montage it but i am feeling extremely lazy right now. Maybe over the holidays. Who knows?

Montage it! don’t be lazy, do what I am doing. Which is making 3 videos over the Xmas break, and releasing them all on one day.
I call it “Machinmia Blitz”