Gman is retarded

A video i created:

Work on your videos. A lot.

Why is it always G-man? :frowning:

For fucks sake NO.

Dont make videos like this for fucks sake.

Or atleast work on how to make them, jesus this is terrible, its just you walking around and then a zombie grabbing and twitching the fuck out with a welded gman ragdoll on it.

Was this supposed to be funny or some thing?


Work on your videos before actually showing them.

This is pretty much the worst thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I want my 44 seconds back.

The correct section for this:

But I wouldn’t even put it there, just don’t even bother

Videos go in the “Video” section. I never thought it’d be so hard to understand such a simple concept.


seriously. ugh.

the subsections need to be moved back to the top of the page though. like, right now.

Yeah, we all know that the dumbasses are like “IM NEW SO ME NO KNOW WHER ASK!”

I kinda chuckled when the zombie started to spazz out, but then I realized this was pure shit. I am sorry that was stated like 15 times, but its nothing but the truth.


Fuck, I want my 44 seconds of my life also back…

Seriously, this is, UGGGGH

Is this considered Trolling? Because this looks like it was MADE to get a rude or negative reaction.

Let me quote the Scout here, um… [clears throat] “STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!”

your all jelious.

So… Gman takes a picture of a zombie then the zombie rapes him?