Gman is walking on the beach like a badass

You could edited those 3 pics like a movie poster thank you very much!

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #3

EDIT: I’ve fixed the camera angle for these two.
fix 1

fix 2

For some reason, something just seems off. I don’t mean the lack of post-processing. I think it’s the gun. Instead of having an assault rifle, I think some sort of light machine gun would look better. Meh.

Hows this?

Just slapped on a grain filter?

AND motion blur

oh god that is terrible


i mean the edit


i tried

That looks a bit better, I must say. It would have been best if you’d put on DoF before you took the screenshot in the first place, but whatever.

"Fuck you, water."


Is it ok to say that I laughed?

I’ve fixed the camera angle for these two.

He holds the gun to easy.
try using a smaller gun or make him hold it with both hands.

We really need a badass rating.

Uhhh… yeah due to the amount of effort you have put editing screenshots all this time.(i can see the sarcasm in your comment but just saying)
C&C i guess, the posing is off as he doesn’t seem to walk at all it’s a kind of a stupid pose, i think because different parts of the body are misplaced, the choice of the map is not bad at all and these sun glasses are terrible on gman, but nice angle you got there.

done. do i win?

That’s pretty funny :slight_smile:

Nothing is going on, needs an explosion in the background or something.

Yes, you are a winner, although you do realize that the laser beam you added is actually a flashlight.

A quick edit… I would like to take more time at it but I’m at work.

I’d fun editing it :smile: