Gman late for work

Hellooow, today I want to show you my new movie! The story happen before HL2, when gman late for work, and world is not prepare for Freeman!






Gman. He is late for Work.

Nice work, though a bit boring at some bits, but it’s ok

I rarely see this good gmod videos these days.

That’s really good keep it up! But the usic doesn’t fit to well at the beginning.

He is like he is setting up Half-Life 2.

pretty entertaining just some bits were off though.

I just knew they were gonna go “SHIT!” when they saw the citizen partying.

I laughed at gman hiding Lamarr in the store room.

Thanks for comments. About this music, it was really hard to find something good, if someone of you know something what would fit better to this movie, please write it. It could be usefull in making next movie. And by the way, watch my other videos too :slight_smile: .

Like alway, great work!

I love how this is basically explaining (in your way) the events of HL2 :v:

The entertainment factor completely makes up for the poor editing and unfitting music anyway, so whatever