Gman looking at you in a dark room.

YAY descriptive title!
so yeah.

pretty cool

Looks almost like an NPC.

Simple, but I like it.
Cool light.

Simple but awesome.
Light makes this picture epic!

that is pretty good, although you should have smoothed the rough corners, and probably edited the shadows to make them look more blending.

“Ssseeee that bright light, Doctor Freeman? intakes breath Just walk right on into it…”

Very nice :D.

Reminds me of the movie Poltergeist for some wierd reason.

Nice supernova effect in gimp.

thanks for the comments guys.

Why yes, yes it is.

You can use it for other cool stuff to.

Very unoriginal…

Not a bad pic, but the Gman’s model quality seems low.
He looks nice and pointy!

I love it.

looks like he wants to take gordon in the light hehe

Ok… I am tired…

Looking at the center point of the light I seen it move and get bigger…

And no, I did not smoke a joint tonight.


You get paint for triping my balls.