GManage - Server Management System

Looks very nice. Though, large and unused spaces in menus tend to make them look ugly.

ANOTHER admin mod? Meh. (I shouldn’t moan, I’m making one ^^)

Another admin mod, what’s up with everyone coding these and aimbots.

Probably because there still isn’t yet a decent admin mod that seems to do pretty much anything. This looks better, although I have no idea what level of customization it will have.

There’s only two that work, stop whining

I like it. Will there be some sort of quick command panel so that if i have a spammer i can ban them quickly without having to go through lots of menu’s.

I was thinking about that, it would be easy enough to do. I’ll add that later tonight.

Ok, I’m suspending progress on this for a while for a few reasons.

First, I just realised I have a half finished gamemode for the RTS gamemode contest lying in my archive folder and I’m gonna have a go at entering.

Second, I decided that one of the core features is too ineffient and needs a recode (if you really want to know, its the way usergroup updates are sent to the client).

Third, I have some RL stuff catching up on me (GCSEs in < 8 weeks o.O)

If anyone is amazingly desperate to try this out, I can give them temp admin for a while on my build server (which has GManage installed) or perhaps give them the source. Or, if anyone wants to have a go at improving + finishing it. Or something.

I really hope you continue work on this. :frowning:

I apologise if these have been said already, but a few things I believe are a necessity in managing a proper server are:

  • Prop spawning logs (prints in console to certain ranks when a play spawns a prop, along with their name and SteamID (like ULX))

  • Console and chat commands, not one but both! Chat for quick actions and console for like when a player leaves the server after they’ve been spamming, you can get their Steam ID from console and then ban their id with a command like GManange Banid <Steam ID> <Length of ban> <Reason>.

  • Silent options of commands, this isn’t a necessity but I believe it’d be very handy. For example you have !slay phabeZ, it prints in chat “Player phabeZ slayed phabeZ” then you have !sslay only your desired ranks can see in chat.

  • An “Alias” command, again not a necessity but players often “minge up” when they know there is no admin in the server, so I think that the alias command (GManage Alias phabeZ/!Alias phabeZ as command examples) should make it so it hides anything showing that the player is an admin.

Other than that, it’s looking quite good and user friendly! Keep it up.

I love owning minges like that.

This looks like an excellent alternative to most other options out there. I look forward to seeing a release.

Good job. But…

Is this going to end up like all your other projects?

Looks great, good luck on getting it all complete!

Very, very nice! If we still ran ULX on my server we probably would have switched over.

I do have some questions though;

  1. Will it have it’s own groups and group coloring system?
  2. How much of the settings will be configurable from in-game?
  3. The icons are a little bit low detail, are those just placeholders until you get high-detail icons? It’s a great menu, but I’m just concerned that it could become an eyesore to certain people.

All in all, it’s a very nice menu, definitely going to be up there with ULX and ASSMod when it comes out.

Don’t give up, my friend.

  1. There are two “hard” groups, uneditable undeletable ones. Restricted, and Owner. It is up to you (as the server owner) to setup the rest. But it’s really really easy, you can make + setup a new group in the space of 20 seconds from the gui without so much as editing a file or running a console or chat command.

As for group colouring, it won’t be possible unless I either override the gamemode’s teams and create my own coloured ones for each group (NOT a good option) or I edit the scoreboard or something to reflect it. Or, I just wait until Garry releases his new chat hook stuff. If he does, I will almost certainly add group colouring.

  1. Everything to do with GManage is configurable ingame, including groups, limits (which save over server restarts), entity/swep/stool restrictions (which also save). I am planning to add way more to the server config tab, such as a way to change many other convars (sv_password, sv_gravity etc) that will save too.

  2. The icons are place holders, I have another set ready to vtf-ify and replace them. Also, bear in mind the screeny was taken on my dev laptop which has every single setting that exists set to low.

And as for sticking with the project, I have a somewhat irritating trait of ‘project hopping’. I’ll start on a project, make very good progress, get bored or run against an obstacle, dump the work into my archive, then ‘hop’ onto another project. My archive folder is probably a gold mine for some people out there, it’s so full of unfinished crap. PCMod is the only thing I have properly released in some working state (even PCMod has issues :P)

But since this has picked up interest, I suppose I’ll get it done sooner or later - especially since I now have a 2 week no-school period of time in which to get loads of stuff done.

Great news!

I hope to see the future of GManage explode in popularity like a Boomer who’s clothes are too tight for his boils.

I have no idea how the hell I just made up that sentence, but it works.

Been playing too much Left 4 Dead for you’re own good. Hehe.

Hey, I like it.