Gman's Fourth Day at Work

Fourth episode. My subscribers requested it so after 2 years it’s finally out!



For those of you that haven’t seen the previous episodes, it doesn’t really matter. You can look them up if you want but i urge you not to watch ‘gmans first day at work’. It’s poop.

Anyway, tell me what you think :slight_smile:

It was awesome. I can tell you really tried. The voices were actually very well done – most sound as if they were taken from somewhere, but I can’t remember which is a good thing. Only one I caught onto was the ‘crummy watch’ line from the ending of A Clockwork Orange

The music faded in and out way much more than it needed to be, and you used a lot of overused songs… Joker and the Thief, Another Way to Die. You love James Bond, don’t you? I heard 2 songs in there from Bond films.

Vomit scene was LOLZ

The outtakes were interesting, i’m amazed you had the patience to do that car scene 33 times but it was much longer than it should have been. The video is a lot shorter than it looks!

4/5 for the effort. The quality of the jokes weren’t awesome, but i still enjoyed it nonetheless.

Thanks for the feedback. I really didn’t want to use Joker and the Thief but it was the only song i had that fitted. It’s a long story. The first upload the whole intro from the beginning to him crashing the car was ‘Ghost love score’, and i synced the clips up with it and everything. But youtube muted the whole video because of it so i changed it with that. Which is why the song doesn’t match the video very well.

I agree the bloopers are very long, but people don’t have to watch them if they don’t want to, that’s why i put them after the credits :slight_smile:

I think the reason it’s not as funny as the other is because i actually had ideas for the others, in this case i made this because people wanted me to. So i was kinda searching around for ideas instead of letting them come to me.

the lost soundtrack in the beginning gave me chills since i absolutely loved that show.

it was awesome. 8/10