Gman's happy fun time at the rocket center

hey…i was bored…and the rocket was launching… this was not done at flatgrass. it was done at flatgrass construct 2009.

Posing sucks, this has been done like a thousand times before, flatgrass. Overall fucking horrible. ½/5 stars.

wow this is bad

It’s a bit random. It’s badly posed. I don’t get why he is in a barrel. The map is too generic.

Inb4 author claiming it is the best pose in the world and not accepting C&C.

Inb4 OP rating everyone dumb or disagree.


Badly posed, flatgrass, bad faceposing.

I was exepting that

Random crap, bad posing, Flatgrass, and mingey face posing

Wow troll much?

Oh wait

Very very obvoius troll is very very obvious

My eyes are bleeding, so thanks very much!