Gmans Playground Build Server


** Name: ** Gmans Playground
** Main map:** freespace09
** Gamemode: ** Sandbox
** IP Adress:**
** Slots: ** 10 (Looks like theres only 8 or 9 at times, this is due to our reserved slots system (Goes to any admin connecting, reduces chances the server is full of players and no-one to manage it.)
** Game Model Packs/etc.:** All
** Addons: **
[li] Wiremod SVN
[/li][li] PHX SVN
[/li][li] doorstool
[/li][li] Simple Prop Damage (Rarely turned on)
[/li][li] Stacker tool
[/li][li] sui_scoreboard
[/li][li] SolidVote
[/li][li] Connas stools pack
[/li][li] DurgzMod (Just for fun)
[/li][li] Explosive entities stool
[/li][li] Anti-Noclip stool
[/li]+Other mods not worth mentioning

** Administrative Mod:** ULX

** sbox_ limits (Not including wire limits): **
sbox_noclip 1
sbox_godmode 1
sbox_plpldamage 1
sbox_maxprops 1500
sbox_maxragdolls 20
sbox_maxnpcs 0
sbox_maxballoons 50
sbox_maxeffects 10
sbox_maxdynamite 10
sbox_maxlamps 20
sbox_maxthrusters 30
sbox_maxwheels 50
sbox_maxhoverballs 50
sbox_maxvehicles 12
sbox_maxbuttons 35
sbox_maxemitters 15
sbox_maxspawners 15
sbox_maxturrets 10

** Upcoming features:** fastdownload (Or the more technical term, sv_downloadurl)
** Other information:**


1. No spamming. We have a zero tolerance rule for spamming.
2. No sexual content. (pictures/contraptions/poses).
3. English ONLY. You are not allowed to speak in any other language without a SA's Permission.
4. You are required to show full respect at all times.
5. If an admin asks you a question you are required to answer.
6. Don't be a Minge. Use common sense. (We're watching you.)
7. No hacking. We have a 0 tolerance rule for hacking.
8. If an admin asks you to do something. You are required to do it.
9. Any contraptions/codes that could possibly harm the server or conflict with the admin menu/system are forbidden.
10. In order for the map to be changed, there must be a valid vote.
11. Admins are ranked. If a higher ranked admin inquires you to do something, it is mandatory to do so.
12. You are not permitted to spawn/load a contraption over -300- props without an admin's permission.
13. You are not permitted to duplicate ANYONE's contraption without THEIR permission. (Will result in ban.)
14. No Prop Ramming.
15. You are not permitted to give credit, to a person, for one's contraption that is not created by you or without permission from the creator.

Super Admins:
GPS | Bellminator (Server Owner & Server Manager) - ‘Everyone was once a noob.’
GPS | No/Yes (Co-Owner & Server Manager) - -N/A-
GPS | Meatball Sub (Events Manager) - ‘admins are your God in this server !!!’

GPA | Denex - ‘Been spending most my time livin in a builders paradise’ (here)
GPA | Bumble Bee (Co-Events Manager) - ‘FOR THE LAST TIME I AM NOT A TRANSFORMER!’
GPA | PostPwned (Server Administrator) - ‘N/A’

Server Assistants/Operators:
GPO | Sammi - -N/A-
GPO | Silent Killa (NPC) - -N/A-

Want more information? Goto our temporary site!
Or visit out steam group!

I read the rules and my head hurts from it


some of them i agree, but others i dont really
but its ur server and ur rules

You sound like complete asshats going by your server rules. No swearing? What do you think this is? Dora the Explorer? It’s a M rated game, I’ll swear if I fucking well please (fuck). showing respect at all times is for tools, not all admins deserve respect, not all players deserve respect. Being required to answer a admins question is stupid, especially if the question was shit in the first place. Being required to do something JUST because an admin said to is also stupid. Unless it is you being a pain in the ass, there is no reason for you to follow the instruction. The duplication rules (expect having to ask permission to use anything from the public folder) seem fair enough.

Also hacking on sandbox with GodMode enabled :downs:


Also why have the CS Realistic weapons if admins are the only ones allowed to touch them, that would encourage abuse. And just cause more BAWWW’ing from morons.

Don’t ask me about the swearing rule, the co-owner made that one up, and since he isn’t on much we don’t really enforce it, its just there to make him happy really.

As for the answer all admins questions rule, thats basically a just-in-case rule for those people who won’t say a thing in chat (Or on they’re mic). There have been so many times where I go “Hey, why did you make this lag-box?” and get nothing from anyone.

[editline] lol [/editline]

Oh and Ill be removing rule #15.

Dont make excuses. Swearing should be allowed, unless your admins are 7 year olds.

As for the admins question, What if the player went out for a burger?

Just mention your going AFK? Were not gonna try and ask you a question if your not even on.

Ahh, that is understandable then. As long as you don’t have a ban happy admin who thinks the sun shines out the co-owners arse, therefore banning everyone who ever so slightly breaks a rule, then your fairly good. And some people just don’t talk in chat either as they went AFK, just don’t like talking, or a thick. usually the third.

So you can’t swear or spawn dupes in the public folder?

Sounds like a shit server.

Thanks for the harsh criticism guys, this is what I mainly came for, so I could see what mistakes Ive made, and what people absolutely hate.

no thanks.

Its a quote, and also a joke, why so serious?

Oh and thanks+sorry to whatever moderator moved the thread to servers, didn’t see that.

There’s a console command to disable the advanced dupe public folder.


sv_AdvDupeEnablePublicFolder 0

This server is intended for professional/expert/highly advanced builders, which it is being used for. We did not create this server for noobs to come and F around. We are serious builders and are more mature than other noobs, such as ones who complain about no vulger language, and other rules of the like.

People you can find here:

Black Phoenix
Generic Default
Meatball Sub

Plus many more.

I don’t agree with many of the rules either, a bit strict. Ill pop in sometime and check it out though.

Sounds less like a Playground and more like a Prison to be honest.

Anyone noticed the high number of admins vs the slots on the server?

14 admins vs 10 server slots.

Don’t listen to anything Tboy says, hes a elitist…