Gmans Red Suit

my first attempt at re-skinning a model.

theres also a backup copy of the original gman skin in the .zip file, so if you get bored of the skin or dont like it anymore, you can just delete the reskin and rename the backup.

Things I changed:

-made the suit red. (dur)
-changed the pupil to a dark gray.
-made the suitcase black.
-made the tie black.





Criticism and opinions wanted. :v

Looks like a demonic santa.

You basicly selected the suit in photoshop/GIMP and colourised it?

Five minute recolor. :colbert:

Turned out well for a re-colour.

I like it alot, very simple but also very easy, very nice, you have my download.

Did not take alot of effort but the end result turned out well.

I think it turned out better than I thought it would.

File -> Open > Hue/Saturation > Red > File > Save

Not even 7 clicks.

It’s more complicated than that.

it was much more than just that.

Well… I guess red suits G-Man pretty well… But what if he wears a different colored suit like green, yellow, or maybe gray?

I tried the green, and the yellow, they both looked kinda awkward.

I was thinking of gray, but I thought it would kinda be a ripoff of the black suit reskin.

You should add a santa hat.
Then it’d be Gman as Santa :smiley:

Nice job on the re-skin. Or recolor.
Either way…

looks like a red suit to me. :smiley: I won’t be getting it however.
Just ain’t got the WOW factor.

Download VTF Plugin > Open Gman Texture > Lasso Tool > Select Suit > Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation > Red > Done

Reminds me of The Devil in Reaper somehow.

can you make him in colors i prefer yellow

Why don’t you do it yourself.

still, more complicated than that.

so you guys will stop making useless posts in my thread saying “lol Im not downloadin u put no effurt in it.”, Ill explain how I did it.

Open “source materials.gcf” with gcfscape > extract “root\hl2\materials\models\gman” to My Documents > duplicate folder “gman” and rename “backup copy of gman” > open folder “gman” > converted Gman_sheet.vtf to Gman_sheet.png > opened with gimp > made duplicate layer > colorize > red and full saturation with a slight lightness change > moved red colored suit underneath the original layer > erased all parts of the blue suit off of the original layer so only red would show through > selected tie area on red duplicate layer > color/hue no saturation > erased tie part on original layer > merge visible layers > save > open gman_sheet.png with VTFEdit > save and overwrite “gman_sheet.vtf” > convert “briefcase_sheet.vtf” to .png file > open with gimp > select briefcase area > contrast/brightness = low contrast low brightness > save > open briefcase_sheet.png with VTFEdit > ovewrite briefcase_sheet.vtf > convert pupil_r.vtf to .png file > open with gimp > made darker and with no saturation > save > open pupil_r.png with VTFedit > overwrite pupil_r.vtf > copy file “pupil_r.vtf” > paste > rename and overwite file to pupil_l.vtf > copy and paste “gman” to “garrysmod\garrysmod\materials\models” > open garrysmod > test ragdoll, npc, and player model skins to check for bugs, animation glitches, and overlapping textures (ie. parts of hand did not have red on it due to erasing part of the hand off the original layer in gimp) > decide skin was ready for release with only a slightly unnoticeable bug on the eye texture > create new .zip file > import folder “Gman” to .zip file > import backup copy of gman to .zip file > upload

so stop bitching with useless posts. its kind of annoying when people try to tell you a completely effortless way of doing something believing that they “have figured me out” or “you put no effort into it”.

I prefer doing things in a complicated way, seeing as it pays off more and easier ways are always boring.

much MUCH more than seven clicks.