gMatch : A Round Orientated Gamemode Base

For a while now I’ve been interested in the idea of making a base gamemode.
Over the past couple weeks I put together this base, although it’s far from complete, I feel it is usable.
I was going to wait on making it public, but I feel it’d be a better idea just to put it out there now.

While I’ve never used Fretta, from what I’ve heard about it this base is somewhat similar.
Some features off the top of my head, there’s a built in shared variable system, map voting, gamemode voting, and the ability to customize it quite a bit without really touching the core files. Although you may have to edit the config file in the base, you can avoid it most of the time by overriding the variables in your gamemodes based on it.
I wouldn’t just throw this out there and expect people to figure out how it works though. I am still in the process of populating a wiki for it, although there’s still a lot of missing functions I haven’t added on there yet.

I’ve also put a pack of example gamemodes on GitHub, and I plan to add more/improve them as well.

Anyways, here’s the GitHub link for the actual base. please if you encounter any problems, post them here or leave an issue on the repository page.

You may want to play around with the config before using it, there’s also some short guides for configuring it on the wiki. Also the content for the base, and any gamemodes derived from it will automatically be resource.AddFile’d. All you need to do is put the files on your FastDL server or however you plan to do it. You can disable it in the config though. Furthermore, all of the files within the client, shared, and server folders will automatically be included as well.

If you have any suggestions/feedback, don’t hesitate to let me know.
I’ll try to get you guys some photos/videos of it soon.
Also I apologize in advanced for any possible grammatical errors, I’m a bit sleep deprived. :v:
Just noticed this, make sure the folder name of the base is gmatch exactly. Or else it won’t load.[/t]

This looks awesome, how the hell are there no comments yet? Amazing, and something I’ve been looking for, for a long long time, tried making something similar myself but my skills aren’t good enough with Lua.

I have some questions and maybe you could help though but rather not say them here, its an idea I have that i’m gonna work on privately for my community.

I have to agree, very nice!

Thanks, I’ve lost the data on the wiki though when I switched webhosts so I’ll have to rewrite it all one of these days.
If you have any questions though feel free to let me know. I’ll try to start working on it today.
I left it alone for a while because it seemed like nobody was interested.

Yeah I was shocked honestly, this thing looks awesome, Would it be okay to edit for a gamemode idea I’ve been planning? Basically I’m trying to get a gamemode very like this with things like CTF, Deathmatch and different modes, But I want it to be class based similar to TF2 or the new Overwatch by Blizzard.

Knock yourself out, I don’t mind at all. I still haven’t got a chance to get the wiki back up but I will do so as soon as possible.

Okay the gamemode wasn’t really working when testing on construct, no spawn points were spawning or anything, no items, no flags etc.

Very nice base from what I’ve seen so far. If you could get around to fixing the wiki, that’d be much appreciated.


Found it I think

You were probably on the base gamemode, did you change it to capture the flag?

All of that should be in the config. I’ll get to the wiki as soon as I can, it’s just going to be very tedious because it seems all the pages I had up before had been lost when I switched hosts.
I totally forgot to backup the database itself because I’m a dumbass, I only backed up the files which was pointless. I have it installed and everything now, I just need to populate it with the content.

Yeah I tried various ones :s CTF, deathmatch etc. CTF spawned the flag I think, but nothing else, no capture points or anything.

I’m guessing the tool isn’t complete so making custom maps isn’t doable yet.

You have to create the spawn points yourself for the capture the flag points, you can use the gmatch_tool weapon to spawn them, and then hold c, right click and set the entity as persistent to save the point. I’ll make a guide for it on the wiki soon enough.

Also be sure that the folder name for the base is gmatch, exactly that.

I know all that works, but how do I add the other things to the map? Like the flag points and such? The tool doesn’t do them.

The options will only come up if you’re in the gamemode that requires those entities.
So if you start up the capture the flag gamemode, the flag bases will appear in the toolgun’s entities.

Apparently the entity spawning tool disappeared off the repo somehow, it wouldn’t recognize the file until I renamed it.
Not sure if this was just on my end though, so if there ends up being two of them there, please let me know.

Problem with the gamemode.

[ERROR] gamemodes/capturetheflag/gamemode/server/game/ctf_gamemodefunctions.lua:18: attempt to get length of field ‘MaxTeamAmount’ (a number value)

  1. SpawnFlagBases - gamemodes/capturetheflag/gamemode/server/game/ctf_gamemodefunctions.lua:18
  2. Call - gamemodes/capturetheflag/gamemode/server/game/ctf_gamemodehooks.lua:52
  3. BeginRound - gamemodes/gmatch/gamemode/server/game/gmatch_lib.lua:81
  4. unknown - gamemodes/gmatch/gamemode/server/game/gmatch_lib.lua:10

Timer Failed! [GMatch:SearchForPlayers][@gamemodes/gmatch/gamemode/server/game/gmatch_lib.lua (line 2)]

I added 2 flag points to a map, and this happens.

[editline]9th April 2015[/editline]

Also how can I make weapons spawn? I tried using a tool in the workshop but it requires sandbox to run.

Thanks, fixed that error, was a silly mess up on my part not sure how I didn’t notice it before.
Update your capture the flag gamemode with the latest GitHub revision.
As for spawning weapons, I haven’t added a way to do that yet, for now you can set the loadouts in the config.

This is an awesome mod :slight_smile: So far it does everything I need it to, just the spawning weapons on a map now :stuck_out_tongue: but I can wait for that, since I’m making some custom maps.

Only other thing is how hard is it to change the hud? Redesign it and such. basically move some items around to show in other places or something.

You can’t really move around the hud yet via config, other than the scoreboard.

Looks nice, can’t wait to work with it later.