GMCHosting vs Nitrous Networks

Hello people! I want to switch host so I would like a bit of input. Some details to consider are that I live on the East Coast of the U.S. and I am looking to host TTT and am tied between these two hosts (I am switching from ElpisHost btw):
GMC Hosting - $19.20/24 Players - Linux - New York - 35gbps DDOS Protection
Nitrous Networks - $19.97/24 Players - Not Sure - Central U.S. - Unsure

I would like to know which is better without extreme bias towards Nitrous since they’re more famous on FacePunch. Also how noticeable would lag be if I bought Nitrous and it is hosted in Mid U.S. and I am in eastern? …Or should I stick with ElpisHost?

I ended up choosing NFO, look here to see why.

I just checked out gmc hosting everything with it looks awesome! You should go with gmc hosting. You got nothing to loose gmc hosting got everything nitrous has and even more.I dont know if gmc hosting is laggy or lagfree. They just look awesome choose gmc hosting

If you don’t have experience with GMCHosting then I don’t really think you can vouch for them. Sure they might look good in their advertisements but who knows what they’re really like. I can’t say either one because I’ve never had either host.

This makes me sound skeptical… you’re actually making me lean more towards Nitrous/Elpis because this is the second person I heard to praise GMC like that. It sounds fishy how excited you are about a server you never used.

May I ask why you are switching hosts? I’ve heard that ElpisHost is a more than decent host and have plenty of positive testimonials.

In all honesty, I just kinda wanna try someone new. (Let the dumb votes rain)

I know it might sound fishy but gmc hosting just seems to offer good stuff, ive tried out nitrous and you pretty much just get the basic shit.


Nitrous is pretty much lag free.

Seems… Can someone who has actually used Nitrous and GMC help?

I used to be with GMC until I got my dedicated box. That DDOS protection really is there too! My server never went down and the owner is really cool and will help you with anything!

I currently use GMC as I am friends with the owner, I was using Nitrous before hand and its support was ok.
GMC minecraft is cheap and you can host your servers in europe.
Overall my experiences have been better with GMC note last time I checked Nitrous uses cent os but I may be outdated there.

GMC reminds me of Ewehost.

I have used both,
i started with nitrous and moved to gmc a few months later.
GMC has better support by far, they also have more perks and are cheaper. so its win win?

You could go with GPS and pay 23$ USD, they host in USA, Europe, Germany… and you get 50slots that you can make two 25 slot servers or a 24, 16 and10 slot servers with unlimited resources, with dedi slots.


promo/discount code:

Do you work for GPS or something because like 85% of your posts are all about telling people to join them.

He probably does.

I dont work for GPS. Its just my recommendation.

It might just be the fact that I have used these guys for at least three different communities, but honestly, I have never had an issue with them. Good rules of thumb is that your DDoS Protection is using server providers that are not massive game-hosters but instead getting into contact with communities that have their own server boxes and renting to use some of their space.
Think of it like roommating. You get a roommate with an AR-15, who lives in a rural area, and whenever you ask, they take you hunting and talk to you about girl problems.

if you don’t give a shit about performance or customer service go with Vilayer

with the 25%offgs coupon code at any payment increment you could get 32 slots for like 20$ every three months

iirc of course

Hi, this will be my first post on Facepunch, so sorry if I do this wrong… Anyways, my friend has recently purchased a server from GMCHosting and I help with it (I’m Co-Owner of the server). The server we use was originally ran in France, but now it’s ran in the United Kingdom. While I live in the United States, I noticed players from the UK get better ping than me & the others that don’t live in the UK on the server (which I would expect :P). Although I can’t really tell you much more about the locations of the servers, which you can choose while setting up your server, I can tell you how great the support is. Ever since we first began working on the server we have been helped by someone named “Ertug” from GMCHosting. He is an amazing person who seems like he is almost always avaliable and always knows how to fix help you with what you need. We (my friend and I) run a DarkRP server, and in the beginning I had no clue how to do anything. Now I understand how to add things to FastDL, add/edit jobs and entities, etc. It’s outstanding how much he’s helped us with our server, which is turning out great. I would recommend GMCHosting, but at the same time, I have had no experience with any other server-hosting sites. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me because I could maybe answer them. :-]

That’s good to know, but I care more about server performance/quality. How we’ll do they run?