gmcl_compo - Desktop Composition fix for W7 / Vista

Since the engine update, multiplayer source games disable desktop composition without an apparent option to stop this behavior.

This is a large problem for me, so I made a quick work-around until there is an option for this.


It’s really a simple work-around fix, so if this doesn’t affect you / bother you, then you didn’t need it.

Just install to the root of gmod, composition will be re-enabled when you get to the main menu.

So it enables Aero?

Im sure, yes

Weird, it doesn’t do that for me?
My launch options:
-dev -console -window +rate 999999 +fps_max 8192 +bind f12 showconsole

Neither but one thing you should know, Dont use rate 9million, just use +rate 30000 make fps_max 8192 fps_max 0, 0 = unlimited and I’m not sure why you have -dev.

The lower your max fps the higher your fps will be. Do you really need all 8k of them ?

This is not true, you can’t get 8k fps unless you have some sort of computer with 10 graphics cards and heaps of cpu’s

Setting the FPS Max to 0 will get as much as it can, meaning unlimited:3

I was just trying how much fps i could get, i just forgot to remove that from the command line arguments apparently :frown:

Oh, thanks :eek:

Higher FPS - > Higher CPU usage - > Lower FPS.

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So having a reasonably (But yet not too low) limit will keep your FPS more consistent.

Buy a new cpu I get 400FPS constant without any higher cpu usage.

All multiplayer source games do this to me - I’ve submitted a ticket to support, but this is a temporary solution until I can find the root of the issue. This is for anyone else affect by it.

I believe it’s a problem to do with a bad graphics card, what graphics card are you using?

Also are you using 32 bit or 64 bit? It used to do this to me when I had horrible graphics and cpu.

A bad graphics card will not disable aero. 32bit or 64bit OS doesn’t matter in the slightest bro.

Because you just gave evidence it did. Congratulations buddy.