sup fp i got the module gmcl_deco and i know it gives nospread but i dont know how to use it if any 1 can help please do so the reward is the module (if u want it)

Huh bump

Bump aigan… ?


It stoppes spread on aimbots. Its automaticly on. I don’t want it btw…

You won’t get any help here.

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It’s not automatically “on”. You’ve got to do some maths calculations and a bit of code, then use what is returned in another piece of code.

Is it? I don’t give a shit really… Hax suck.

can u show me how u do that then ?

… Go try a tutorial.

Where i find one ?


CreateConVar(“deco”, “1”, FCVAR_CHEAT)

if GetConVarString(“deco”) == “1” then

hook.Add(“Think”,“deco”, function()


That’s deco put in the that’s what deco does.
lua/autorun/client/deco.lua folder :wink:

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No, it isn’t “automatically on”. You need to run special functions supplied by that module in a hook I won’t name here and then compensate your aim-vector.

It’s mean to do that to make the bullet spread go forward :wink:

Dont lie lawl srsly how u get it working ;(

By being a programmer with sufficient mathematical knowledge and an understanding of how bullet spread works.