What is it?

Changes the disconnect msg when you leave a server. Nothing special. But maybe for those people who want to feel extra fancy.



function fDis(msg)
return “You are all fags”
hook.Add(“DisconnectMsg”, “DexterIsACookie”, fDis)


  • You probably want to run this from the menu state.
  • This does not override custom kick messages.
  • To long disconnect strings may cause unexpected behavior.
  • I know its also possibly with sourcenet3.
  • If you corrupt the disconnect msg or make it extremely long some nasty stuff can hapen to the other clients (That kinda was the reason to make this module in the first place, but the kickcrash bugfix also seems to have fixed this exploit, or at least partially)


Visualstudio 2010 redistrubutable (Only if you experience any problems) -

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Good find CombineGuru.

Anyone for a backdoor?

hes trolling idiot

Even if CombineGuru’s screenshot was true it would be no threat at all since it’s doing nothing with the results received from the server.

Nice simple module OP.

Somebody ban this hacker!

Would this go in the servers autorun folder?


Someone called? Oops I guess not.
Anyways, so this is client-side or am I seeing this wrong. Would be cool to disconnect with different messages on any server. :3

Its clientside thats the whole point. And if you run it from the menustate (place the example script in lua/menu_plugins/disconnect.lua) then it will work on every server.

so does every one on the server see it or is it just for us?

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Also , i think garry sent this dll to valve seen as it was included in the bbot release

Everybody sees it thats the whole point.

What if server has SE2 enabled? Does the menustate allow it to run still? I would think so, but I am too tired to realize and I just want verification please. :3


How would you run the script if SE was enabled in the first place without bypassing?


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Is there a char limit on the string?

The server just cuts it off somewhere. Ill do some tests

It seems to get cut off afther a total of 934 Chars. (at least thats where the server console cuts it off. (for example a remote rcon connection shows a longer string)) My guess is that the Msg command of the SDK cuts of the real size of the string afther the 1024th character but that is including the timestamp and the “Dropped <Somename> from server(”